ALLBI Global Decentralized Cryptocurrency (ICO)

The future is Here! We will make your dream come true! Create your own Cryptocurrency (ICO) easily and develop your Project!

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Create Your Account

Sign up on our site and enter BNB BEP20 Address (MetaMask) which you will use to create your Cryptocurrency!

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Sign in to your Profile

You can get a Total of +30,000 ALLBI Bonus if you make a payment through the account. You can enter your Cryptocurrency parameters whenever you like, after making the payment!

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Pay and create ICO

If you choose to create your Crypto Project, you must select your Crypto Project parameters - (name, number of characters, site name ... etc.) – SEE WHITEPAPER!

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Why to choose ALLBI
Decentralized Cryptocurrency

ALL BEST (ALLBI Tokens) is extraordinary! Beside the fact that you will be able to create your own Cryptocurrency project, you will also receive ALLBI Tokens straight into your wallet. With them you will be able to pay and exchange without commissions - see WHITEPAPER. We have a unique business model which is far superior than any other available platforms.

Every project that has been created on our platform will receive huge opportunities for successful realization. All new crypto projects will be advertised on our site! We'll teach you how to properly manage your Cryptocurrency, how to send tokens to other crypto addresses, how to get paid for them, and so on.

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Your Projects:

Be among the first! The people who trusted us realized their dreams in real projects:

We have created a project for online training with individual tokens - everyone can pay with onLEXpa Token!

A new Binance Smart Chain project that combines the Metaverse with the Real World, alongside cool designs and non-fungible tokens!

We have created a project for modern progressive technologies of LibreFree, start work - LibreF Token!

Here You Can Initiate A Referendum In A Few Minutes. We Help Democracy Through Blockchain Technology!



Initial Token Sale

SWAP 2022

  • Sale Starts:09.July.2018
  • ALLBI Tokens: 666 M (666.000.000)
  • Soft Caps: 650 000 ($)
  • New Smart Contract ERC20:
  • Sale Ends:31.December.2022
  • Payment via:ETH
  • Hard Caps:8M (8 000 000$)

Token distribution

After consulting with the team, we decided to fairly allocate the tokens in the following ratio:

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  • 60% Core Phase or Crowdsale
  • 24% Advisory and Partners
  • 16% Project Team Members
  • 6% Bonus and Reserve
  • 4% Gifts and Campaign

Project Team Members

The percentage of ALLBI Tokens allocated to our team will be distributed as follows:

  • 40 % For IT Development
  • 25% Sales and Marketing
  • 15% Accession and Partnerships
  • 10% Admin and Partners
  • 5% Legal and Financial
  • 5% Gifts Program
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See what our roadmap for the upcoming months looks like:

2021 + 2022

Integrated no Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain:
ERC20: 0x0425e5bf7f52591a04fbe24c454ac004179c4318
BEP20: 0x19178ecef9cf2dc3f2ec9cb0b68d4bd92592806a


Integration of New Account Modules and WEB3


Announcement of large Partnerships. Announcement of several new projects. Distribution of some of the tokens + NFTs from the new projects in the community


Big advertisement + ALLBI Airdrop + Twitter Quest


Promotional Phase III Bronze: since 01.01.2022. until 31.12.2023


ALL BEST ICO Tokens launch in New markets and exchanges across the world!


Due to the growing need to change global economic and business logic, we created our project - ALL BEST and ALLBI Token which enables everyone to make their own Cryptocurrency. In addition, you will be able to use ALLBI Tokens to make payments to various merchants spanning across different industries. You will also be able to sell your ALLBI Tokens directly from your profile without any intermediaries or commissions! That's great, is it not?

We look forward to increasing requests for our site over time. This will require more resources and expansion of our team and IT developers. Therefore, the fees will range based on our promotional Phases I – III: The earlier you purchase your ALLBI Tokens, the greater discount you will receive:

Phase I Gold - From 09.07.2018 until 31.12.2019.

  • Make a payment of 10 ETH -> You will receive BONUS: 5000 ALLBI Tokens!

  • Phase II Silver - From 01.01.2020 until 31.12.2020.

    • Make a payment of 350 000 ALLBI Tokens!

    • Phase III Bronze - From 01.01.2021 until 31.12.2022.

      • Make a payment of 10 BNB
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Meet some of the leaders of our great team:

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Plamen Vasilev - Paco CEO & Founder

Paco is the creator of some of the most successful projects in Eastern Europe. He is on the list of TOP 50 prospective leaders in Eastern Europe of Forbes magazine.

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Ivo Dimitrov Chief Advisor

Passionate entrepreneur, with great experience in the banking sector. Ivo has interests to large volumes of trade. Perfect organizer and supervisor.

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Tsvetelina Stefanova Advisory board (pro-bono)

Tsveti is a young and ambitious business lady who corrects the bad decisions and shoots for the Moon!

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Anzhel Milenov COO & Founder

Milenov is one of the best developers in Europe. He has worked for some of the most successful projects in Europe and South Africa. IT Department Manager in

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Borislav Stoikov BlockChain Architecture

Borislav is committed to helping leading banks integrate Blockchain technology into their systems. He is currently working at Big 4 Consultancy in London!

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Encho Sharabov Lawyer and consultant

Sharabov has a long practice in one of the most successful law firms in Sofia. He is part of our project and helps to ensure the lawfulness!

ALLBI Community

Our team was formed out of the global crypto-community



We are a team of exceptional programmers and visionaries who want to help each idea and together to change the world. We are one community together with every project created on our system. That is, you and we together are one! With you and your ideas, motivation and creativity, our names do not matter. We will rely on hundreds of programmers to be able to meet your expectations of perfect and trouble-free work.

We are a direct reflection of your success! Each of you will receive individual attention to your project. Many experts will work for you. Do not hesitate to sign up for our site - The tokens are limited, Time is limited, but your options are NOT! See Whitepaper - You can find all the answers you are seeking there.

Make your project yourself or with friends and equip yourself with our unique system. Tell everyone and your tokens will sky-rocket! Our project is an innovation in the crypto world, as it creates a precedent in collaboration, communication and the development of relationships between project creators and every client. The goal of the project is to become one whole!

You will then be able to use the tokens to buy goods or sell them directly to other clients in your account - no intermediaries, no exchanges and no commissions. Of course, you will also be able to sell your tokens on different exchanges - see Whitepaper!

ALLBI LiveCoin

Price movement of our ALLBI Tokens in real time:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers are:

1. How does ALL BEST work?

Once you sign up to our website, you will be given a field where you need to enter your ALLBI Address. After entering your ALLBI Address, Pay by request through the account and win Bonus up to <b>+30,000 ALLBI Tokens</b> Free!. Your ALLBI Tokens will remain in your possession whether you decide to create your own crypto project or not! You can enter your Cryptocurrency parameters whenever you like, or you can decide not to create your own cryptocurrency and own your ALLBI Tokens for investment purposes only. If you choose to create your Crypto project, you must select your Cryptocurrency Project parameters - (name, number of characters, site name ... etc.). We will create your project and integrate it into our system. Once we've done everything for you, we're sending you important information that will allow you to control and develop your project yourself!

2. How do I pay?

Payments are only made in BEP20 or ALLBI (Phase II and III)! You must make a payment to our BEP20 or ALLBI Address, which is listed in your account. Detailed information is provided in your account, and payment can only be made on the prices listed in the Promotions PHASE I, II and III. Once you have made the payment to the specified BEP20 or ALLBI Address - according to PHASE I, II and III our team will be at your disposal at any time to start working together on your Cryptocurrency and Project!

3. What do I get?

*After depositing yours ALLBI Tokens in your profile, they will not be taken away. They will be refunded to you even if you decide to create your own ICO project. Over time, you can decide how to use your ALLBI Tokens. With the development of our system, you will be able to -> use your ALLBI Tokens to make payments to other projects created on our system -> to sell your ALLBI Tokens to other peers directly from your profile -> without using intermediaries or having commissions. Of course -> you will also be able to sell your ALLBI Tokens on different cryptocurrency exchanges – see Whitepaper!

4. What is the maximum amount?

You can create up to a maximum of three Cryptocurrency projects using our system. We have set this limit, because our goal is to enable more people to create their own Cryptocurrency Projects (ICOs) through our system. Furthermore, we believe that three Cryptocurrency projects will more than likely guarantee you success! With our help, we believe that every project is worthwhile, and the consumers will enjoy working on developing their own projects. And now – Sign up and enjoy it! Good Luck!

ALLBI in Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

Currently our main partner is: and Uniswap