World Referendums

Create an unlimited number of Referendums by paying 300,000 WR Tokens!

You can become President of our community!
You can applying for President by paying 1,000,000 WR Tokens

All payments are made only to our WR Address:


Payment is made only with WR Tokens:

Create a Referendum - unlimited access

  • Pay to create a Referendum: 300 000 WR Tokens

Applying for President - term of office 2 year

  • Pay to applying for President. The President is elected for one year by the team of ALLBESTICO and is made public: 1 000 000 WR Tokens

After the vote, ALLBESTICO team elects the next President

  • The President receives a subsidy of 20 000 000 WR Tokens

He will lead the development policy of the project for the next 2 year together with the team of ALLBESTICO!

A vote will be announced when a minimum of 10 people apply!

The President receives a subsidy of 20 000 000 WR Tokens and will lead - World Referendums - policy together with the ALLBESTICO team!

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A centralized exchange (CEX) offers cryptocurrency exchange services to registered users. Its primary service typically matches buyers and sellers with an order book, though a CEX may offer its verified users various crypto products. For beginners, a CEX provides the simplest way to get started without needing in-depth knowledge of blockchain infrastructure and tools.

A decentralized exchange (DEX) uses on-chain smart contracts to run its exchange services. In most cases, users swap tokens from liquidity pools, with liquidity provided by other users in exchange for swap fees.

You don't need to register for a DEX, meaning they're open to anyone with a wallet and some crypto. DEXs are the gateway to the decentralized finance (DeFi) world and provide users with a lot of freedom. However, they lack the support a CEX can give, and it can be easy to make irreversible mistakes when using them.

If you've been doing your crypto research, you'll likely have come across DEXs. Perhaps you're already a customer with a CEX like P2PB2B and Binance but are interested in using a DEX, or maybe you're looking to purchase the latest DeFi coin not currently available on CEXs.

No matter your story, you should know the crucial differences between a CEX and DEX before deciding which to use. Depending on what you want to do and your level of experience, each has its advantages and disadvantages.